Rachota 2.1 Concept Document

   This is a rough plan of Rachota 2.1 release whose main purpose is to provide an update of Rachota 2.0 by fixing the most annoying UI flaws and implementing easy-to-do features that do not require any changes in the core. See below to understand which areas will be affected and to what extent. In addition to that, if you have an idea what should be improved, don't hesitate to speak up!

New features

   The following table lists requests for enhancement that will hopefully be implemented in Rachota 2.1 release. The higher priority an issue has, the more probable is its implementation. Estimated durations include UI design if appropriate.

Issue Category Priority Description Duration
#1527636 navigation high An easy way how to move to any day displayed in time charts ~3 days
#1523385 navigation high Fast browsing in Day view by week or month ~2 days
#1523410 customization middle Persistence of user adjustments in History view ~3 days
#1522745 customization low Sorting of regular tasks ~2 days
general middle Additional types of regular tasks (Mon-Fri, Weekend, Monthly, Yearly) ~5 days
#1466202 design flaw high Possibility to view task properties from the past ~2 days
--- navigation middle Jump to particular date ~1 day
#1404618 productivity low Completion of known tasks categories ~7 days
--- productivity high Select target date when copying tasks ~2 days

Bug fixes

   The following table lists defects that should be fixed in Rachota 2.1 release. Similarly, the higher priority an issue has, the higher chance it will be fixed.

Issue Category Priority Description Duration
#1522746 customization high Sorting of tasks sometimes fails when switching between days ~2 days
#1464106 productivity middle Can't start working on selected task by double click ~1 days
#1472219 productivity low Can't copy regular task to other days ~2 days


   The timetable below is a rough plan of important milestones of Rachota 2.1 release. The schedule is calculated as an optimistic variant which means that FCS can get slipped for about 50% if things go bad.

July 31, 2006Concept document finalized
September 30, 2006New features implemented
October 10, 2006Localization complete
October 11, 2006Rachota 2.1 Beta released
October 31, 2006High priority bugs fixed
November 1, 2006Rachota 2.1 RC released
November 15, 2006End of stabilization period
November 20, 2006Rachota 2.1 FCS released

- New (feature not started yet)
- In progress (feature under development)
- Done (feature implemented)
- Postponed (feature deferred to 3.0)

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