Rachota not only tracks your time but it can also help you change your habits to increase your effeciency. To analyze the measured data and get some tips for improvements switch to Analytics tab. Such analysis is possible for previous week, previous month or whole time since you started using Rachota.

1. Time usage

The panel on top displays a chart of your time usage in selected period. This means how much time you were working, doing private stuff or not working at all. You can also compare your results with average data from other Rachota users.

2. Analysis

The middle panel provides you with analysis of your measured data by six different factors. The more stars you have the better. If you move your mouse over each factor you will see its exact value.

3. Suggestions

The bottom panel finally gives you one hint for each factor with ranking below 3 stars.

Analysis factors

Factor Description
Effectivity How much user is effective in using his/her working hours. More idle time means less effectivity.
Prioritization Distribution of priorities across tasks. Does user utilize task priorities enough?
Statusing Usage of all statuses. Does user close tasks or leaves them open forever?
Granularity How much time an average task take. Does user create too many or too little tasks?
Categorization Usage of categories across tasks. Does user specify categories for tasks enough?
Repetition Clever usage of regular tasks. How many irregular tasks do actually repeat often?