The Task settings dialog allows to setup various properties of both ordinary and regular tasks. Read below to find out exact meanings of the properties.

Property Description
Description Short text describing the task. This field must not be empty.
Example: Sorting SUN invoices
Category List of keywords or groups where the task belongs to. Press Ctrl+Space on Windows or Shift+Space on Unix to invoke category completion.
Example: paperwork
Notes Long description of the task, additional notes, URL, meeting room etc.
Example: Going through all invoices from SUN received in 2005
Priority One of three priority levels (high/medium/low). Rachota can check task priorities when starting/switching tasks and warn user if there is another task with higher priority.
Notification Option allowing to setup notification. If checked, Rachota will notify user about the task at specified time.
Automatic start Option allowing to setup automatic start. If checked, Rachota will switch to the task automatically at specified time.
Repetition Option allowing to setup how often the task occurs. Regular tasks can repeat every day, on concrete day of week, on weekends or all week days. This option is enabled only for regular tasks.
Private Option allowing to set whether the task represents private work or not. Time spent on private tasks is not added into total working hours by default however it is customizable in system settings.
Immediate start Option allowing to set whether the task should start measuring its time immediately upon its creation. This option is enabled only when creating new task.