Measured data can also be exported as a summary report to HTML file. This feature is useful if you were for example asked by your manager to provide what important tasks you worked on during the last 2 months. You can either send him/her the report itself or print it for your upcoming 1:1 meeting. It is also handy if your customer wants to have some work overview attached to your invoices. The following text explains how to achieve this.

1. Select period

First of all switch to History view and select period of time you want to include in the report.

2. Select chart

On Times tab select which chart you want to see in the report and possibly highlight some tasks in case of total time chart type.

3. Select tasks

Switch to Tasks tab and use filters to select only some tasks you want to show in the report.

4. Generate report

Finally, push Generate report ... button and Open dialog comes up. Select desired location and appropriate name for your report, then push Select button. In the follow-up Question dialog enter description of the report and push OK. You should be informed about successful creation of the file so that you can open it in your web browser or whatever is needed.