The System settings dialog allows to setup various system options and define regular tasks repeating on daily or weekly basis. To change the settings, select System | Settings ... from main menu. Read below to find out exact meanings of the options or how to add, edit or remove regular tasks.

Setting Description
Working hours Number representing working hours given by employer i.e. how many hours user has to work every day.
Warn when working hours not reached If checked, Rachota will check given working hours on exit and warn user if these were not reached yet.
Warn when working hours exceeded If checked, Rachota will warn user immediately once given working hours are exceeded.
Move unfinished tasks If checked, Rachota will copy all not finished tasks from previous day to plan of current day.
Archive not started tasks If checked, Rachota will not delete those tasks from past days that were not even started. Set this option if you want to know when tasks were planned originally.
Check priority If checked, Rachota will check priority of tasks and ask user for confirmation if there is any unfinished task of higher priority in day plan.
Count private tasks If checked, Rachota will take into account all tasks (private tasks included) when counting total working time of days.
Report weekly activity If checked, Rachota will send your time usage data to Rachota Analytics server every week. The data contains 3 values: total working hours, total time spent on private tasks and total unused time. If this option is turned off, user will not be able to see the same data from other Rachota users.
Proxy server and port Name and port of proxy server (if applicable). This is important when Rachota user is connected to the Internet from behind a corporate firewall.

Regular tasks

   In order to register new regular task click Add ... button. Task settings dialog will open allowing to setup new regular task. If you want to customize existing regular task, select it in the table and press Edit ... button. Finally, if an existing task will no longer be regular, select it and click Remove button. The task will get deleted once you confirm the decision.