This page contains useful advices and tips for those users who want to gain maximum from Rachota tool. If you belong to such geeks please read the following suggestions:

  • Regular tasks
    Do not add tasks that repeat every day or week manually to the plan. Register them in Settings dialog instead.
  • Good granularity
    Think over what granularity you are interested in. If some task usually takes several minutes or you have no idea how long it will last, add it to the plan. Avoid creating tasks like Working on Project A as you could tend to include directly unrelated works in such high level tasks. It's better to create more separate tasks that Project A consists of and use for example Project_A in Keyword of these tasks.
  • Early task switching
    It is very important to bear in mind to switch to appropriate task before you actually start working on it in reality. This also includes beginning of the day so that Rachota records correct time when you started to work.

  • If you want to see different columns in your day plan, click the button above the horizontal scrollbar of the table. It allows to select which columns are visible.
  • If you want to sort tasks by values in certain column, simply click the column header. Click it once more if you want the oposite order.
  • If you moved in time to take a look at some day in the past or future and want to get to current day, click the date textfield. Day view will quickly move back to today.
  • In order to quickly start working on a task, just double click it in the plan.
  • All components (buttons, menus, checkboxes etc.) have tooltips and shortcuts assigned for your convenience. Just point at any component with the mouse to see it.