This article is translated to Polish language by Alice Slaba.

  History view provides a way how to find out tasks you were working on in the past and filter or sort them. If you are interested in this data, select period of time you would like to see first. Then switch to Tasks tab.

1. Filters

By default, no filter is set in the beginning and all tasks in selected period are displayed in the table below.

1.1 Create new filter

If you need to see only some tasks that satisfy certain criterion, push Add filter button. Task filter settings dialog pops up. Select appropriate Filter, Content rule and specify desired Value. Finally push OK button. All tasks in selected period will get filtered by your filter and only those with given property will be displayed. If you add more filters, displayed tasks must satisfy all of them.

1.2 Edit filter
If you want to adjust existing filter, select it in the table and push Edit filter button. Task filter settings dialog pops up allowing you to change properties of the filter. Once you push OK button, all tasks get re-filtered.

1.3 Delete filter
If you want to remove existing filter, select it in the table and push Remove filter button. It will be removed and all tasks get re-filtered.

2. Tasks

All tasks that comply with specified filters are displayed in the bottom table. By default, each task has one entry showing its name, total time and number of days you were working on it. The Total filtered time field below the table shows how much time you spent on all tasks together.

  • If you want to sort tasks by values in certain column, simply click the column header. Click it once more if you want the reverse order.
  • Uncheck Group tasks with same description option if you want to see all tasks separately.